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Spill Ready 50L Oil / Petroluem Spill Kit

Image of Spill Ready 50L Oil / Petroluem Spill Kit.


  • The Spill Ready 50L Oil and Petroleum Spill Kit is designed to clean up hydrocarbons only (motor oil, jet fuel, diesel, petrol, hydraulic oil, etc) and repel water.
  • It has the capacity to absorb a 50L spill.
  • It is designed to fit behind the seat of a vehicle and includes personal protection equipment and a instruction guide on "How to" clean-up a spill.
  • Absorbents are ideal for use where the job requires the removal of oil and petroleum liquids and not water.



  • Durable, flexible tall gusset heavy duty bag have large label to identify oil and petroleum usage
  • Vinyl bags have a zipper that opens on three sides of the bag, this allows the user quick and easy access in an emergency.
  • Loose absorbent and perforated pads make clean-up quick and easy.



  • 1 Spill Ready Red Heavy Duty Zippered Bag with fluorescent strips
  • 3 x 2kg Organic Floor Sweep
  • 20 x Oil Only White Absorbent Pads
  • 5  Oil Only White Mini Booms (1.2m x 8cm)
  • 1  Oil Only White Pillows (53cm x 43cm)
  • 1 Small Pan/Brush
  • 1  PVC Gloves
  • 2 Yellow Disposal Bags (Contaminated Waste) with Cable Ties
  • 1 Laminated Instruction Guide
  • Re-order Form

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Image of Spill Ready 50L Oil / Petroluem Spill Kit.
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