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Security information

This page contains information on the security practices that we employ here at Safe1.

Secure communications

We employ a genuine high grade secure certificate to ensure that your personal information is safely transmitted. Data encryption makes it nearly impossible for a third party to intercept data while it is being exchanged between your computer and our web site.

Where we use data encryption

All sensitive information is transmitted using data encryption, but we do not use data encryption on all pages of our web site. Pages that ask you for personal information, payment information, usernames and passwords are all encrypted. Other pages might not use data encryption.

How can I tell that a page is secure

Most modern internet browsers have indicators to tell you if you are using data encryption when looking at a page. The most common signs that a page is encrypted:

  • The address of the page that you are looking at will start with "https://" instead of "http://"
  • Look for a padlock icon in the status area of your browser
  • The internet address in your browser's address bar might be highlighted yellow
  • A padlock icon may appear next to the address of the current page that you are viewing

More information

For more information about our security practices please get in contact with us via our "Contact information" page.

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