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Privacy policy

Safe1 values your right to privacy of information. This page summarises the kind of information that we collect from you and how we use it.

What kind of information is collected?

The information that we collect can be categorised as: Personally Identifiable Information and Anonymous Information. The definitions of these are listed below.

  • Personally Identifiable Information
    When you provide us with information such as name, address, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords, this information is counted as Personally Identifiable Information. When we send and receive this information we do so using high grade data encryption (see site security section). This information may be stored in our database for the purposes of providing you with advertised / requested services.
  • Anonymous Information
    During your time browsing our web site we also collect other information such as pages visited, products viewed, categories visited, search queries and error reports in the event that an error occurs. This information is not personally identifiable and is used for improving our services.

Where is the information stored?

Information stored on our systems
The majority of this information is stored on our database, but also may be transferred to other mediums such as hard copies or computer files depending on the situation. Regardless of where and how any information is stored, we will carefully observe the current Australian privacy laws when handling your information.

Information stored on your computer
When you visit our web site we will create a small information file called a "cookie". This is standard practice for the vast majority of web sites on the internet today. All information stored in the cookie is stored in an encrypted format using a triple DES algorithm.

Disclosure of information

If you provide us with any personal information we will never share this information with any third parties without your approval. Any information that you pass on to us is used internally to provide services to you or for delivery of any requested services.

There are rare circumstances which might be an exception to this rule, such as legal obligations resulting from a court order.

Your Rights

  • You may request that Safe1 disclose to you any personal information that we may have collected.
  • You may request that all personal information that we collect be removed from our records. There are exceptions to this where we might be obligated to keep certain information for a period of time. This usually occurs after you have conducted any business with our company.

Your Obligations

  • You must ensure that the information that you provide to us is accurate, and inform us of any changes in your personal information that might affect our ability to provide you with a service. We cannot be held liable for any loss resulting from the use of incorrect information.
  • In the case that you are providing any information that is not your own, before providing us with any information you must ensure that you are authorised by the owner of any such information.

Dealing with us anonymously

Where practical you may deal with us anonymously. We might not be able to provide certain services or a complete service when dealing anonymously.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions regarding our privacy practices then please contact us on (02) 4954 0622 or use other contact methods as listed on our contact us page.

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